Almost all biopharmaceutical products can cause a certain anti-drug antibody (ADA) response, that is, immune response. In the process of pharmacokinetic study, the evaluation of anti-drug antibodies (ADA) has become a prominent problem. ADA may have a significant impact on the results of PK research. The preparation of anti-drug antibodies is indispensable for the detection of ADAs.


Our Advantages

After immunization, the serum titer was more than 500,000 times dilution.

Specific recognition of Fab, no cross-reaction with human.

Can carry out pre-clinical PD/PK research services. To provide reliable data support for clinical trials of antibody drugs.

Provide one-stop services, including antigen design, antibody preparation and high throughput antibody production.

preparation of ADA antibody

stage 1:establishment and validation of Fab animal immunization and screening method
customer supplydelivery standardcycle
100 mg full-length antibody, purity > 95%
(We prepared 20mg Fab by enzymatic digestion and purification)
· indirect ELISA Detection Report 2-3 months
stage 2:affinity purification of anti-Fab polyclonal antibody
customer supplydelivery standardcycle
about 20mg hlgG of purification · M2 Report
· purification of Fab from all antisera

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