Anti-idiotype antibody can specifically bind to the specific site of the antibody in the variable region. In the process of drug research and development, it is an important reagent for pharmacokinetic research, which can specifically identify antibodies in vivo and distinguish endogenous antibodies produced naturally in serum and other samples. At the same time, because of the similarity between anti-idiotypic antibody and anti-drug antibody, it can also be used as an important reference for immunogenicity research.

Zoonbio has been engaged in the field of antibody discovery for many years, and has a professional antibody preparation platform. We have customized more than 100 kinds of anti idiotypic antibodies for our customers. We can provide one-stop services from antigen preparation, anti idiosyncratic antibody development, and ELISA kit development to help you reach the end of the marathon of antibody drug development.

Our Advantages

The cross reaction rate between the specific recognition of CDR and the control antibody was less than 2%.

The titer of serum after antibody preparation is more than 500000 times of dilution.

100% success rate.

One stop antigen design and synthesis, antibody customization, ELISA kit development services.

Binding Patterns and Characteristics of Anti Idiotypic Antibodies

type Antigen neutralizing type Non neutralization type Drug target complex
Characteristic Antibody binding region specificity Characteristics of non antibody binding region Drug target complex specificity
Antigen binding Inhibition and neutralization Uninhibited Uninhibited
Application Target blocking, free drug detection Target non blocking, total drug detection Target non blocking, detection of binding drugs
Schematic diagram diagram diagram diagram

Service Content

Name Preparation of anti idiotypic rabbit polyclonal antibody Preparation of anti idiotypic mouse monoclonal antibody Customized development of ELISA test kit
Cycle 3-4 months 4-6 months 6-8 weeks
Deliver 1.Pre immune serum
2.Rabbit antigen serum (lyophilized powder)
3.More than 10 mg of purified antibody recognizing CDR region,antibody ELISA titer > 500000 dilution,antibody purity greater than 95%,Cross reflection of lgG with the same type of control < 2%.
4.Complete experiment report.
1.2-5 positive cell lines
2.1-3mg anti idiotypic antibody,antibody ELISA titer > 500000 dilution,antibody purity greater than 95%,Cross reflection of lgG with the same type of control < 2%.
4.Complete experiment report.
1.Methodology validation report and instruction


(1)Enzyme Digestion and Purification of Immunogen Preparation-f (AB ′)2

enzyme digestion and purification of immunogen preparation-f (AB ′)2

(2)Detection of Antiserum Titer

detection of Antiserum Titer

(3)Purification Results of Anti Idiotypic Antibody

purification results of anti idiotypic antibody

Purity Identification of Anti Idiotypic Antibody

purity identification of anti idiotypic antibody

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