The affinity of antibody is an important index of antibody quality. It represents the binding strength between antibody and corresponding antigen. The higher the affinity, the higher the binding strength between antibody and corresponding antigen. Affinity is an important index to evaluate the quality of antibody. It has a guiding role for the use of antibody. Zoonbio can provide you with antibody affinity testing services.


affinity detection service latform

Fortebio Octet   Biocotre   ELISA

Fortebio Octet analysis system   Biocotre analysis system   competitive ELISA detection

Service Advantage
·Diversified detection platform to meet different detection needs.
·High accuracy analysis instrument, accurate and reliable results.
·High detection efficiency and high throughput detection.
·Crude samples can be detected, and the sample requirements are not high.
·Instrument testing, low sample loss, real-time monitoring of testing process.

service content

service items service description cycle delivery content
detection of antibody affinity by Octet antigen/antibody preparation (optional)
affinity determination
2-3 weeks affinity determination report: determination of kinetic parameters
detection of antibody affinity by Biocore antigen/antibody preparation (optional)
affinity determination
1-2 weeks affinity determination Report
determination of antibody affinity with competitive ELISA antigen/antibody preparation (optional)
competitive ELISA experiment
1-2 weeks ELISA experiment report

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