After obtaining the target antibody by various ways, in order to enhance the sensitivity of the reaction, scientists use the principle of cascade amplification to label some substances which are easy to determine and highly sensitive to specific antigens or antibody molecules, such as HRP, FITC, Biotin, etc. By enhancing the amplification effect of these markers, the properties of antigens or antibodies in the reaction system can be displayed or quantified quality and content.

The antibody modification service provided by Zoonbio can bring convenience to customers'experiments and other downstream applications.


Biotin labeling: Biotin labeling reaction is simple, mild and rarely inhibits antibody activity. Covalent binding of biotin with antibody is a very simple and direct labeling method.
Enzyme labelling: Enzyme-labeled antibodies are conjugated by appropriate methods between enzymes and specific antibodies. They have a wide range of applications. The results are instant visible and highly sensitive.
Fluorescent labeling: The fluorescent group AbFluorTM is one of the newest fluorescent labels, and the product covers 350-770 nm. Different AbFluor groups can be illuminated by appropriate laser, so as to know the location of antibodies and the distribution of antigens to be tested. It is mainly used for cell sorting or high resolution immunostaining. It is a very good method for subcellular level localization.
ATTO: he fluorescence band of Alexa dye is more complete than that of Alexa dye, so it can be used to label some biomacromolecules which are not labeled by fluorescent dye. Atto dyes are usually coumarins, rhodamine and zine derivatives. Compared with dyes with long time and wide application, Atto dyes are more stable under long time irradiation.

Service hints

1.The reaction process of antibody modification (antibody conjugation labeling) is a reversible chemical reaction with essential consumption. When the reactants are too few, it will affect the success rate of the experiment. At the same time, the labeling efficiency can not reach 100%.
2.Sample requirements: The antibody to be labeled should be at least 1mg, purity > 90%, concentration not less than 1mg/ml.
3.Antibody modification service does not include purity determination of labeled products and working concentration detection of labeled products. If further detection of modified products is needed, please communicate with technical support personnel.

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