In the process of antibody preparation, there is a common problem, that is, the antibody produced by host immunity reacts with the original specificity of immunity, but when it is applied to Western blot / IP / IHC / if, the negative experimental results often appear, which wastes precious time and money. This regret mainly comes from the unreasonable design of antigens. According to the current level of antibody preparation technology, the best way is to improve the specificity of antigens. We will analyze the properties of antigen molecules to design antigens with the best immunogenicity and provide you with higher quality antibodies.

Our Advantages

The expert team with 20 years' experience in protein expression has completed more than 2000 protein expression services efficiently every year, and delivered 8 proteins every working day on average.

Professional polypeptide design software, experienced designers, and efficient conjugation solutions to ensure the immunization successful rate of the designed polypeptide is greater than 95%.

The self-developed prokaryotic expression vectors pczn1, pczn2, psumo mut, eukaryotic expression vectors pazv5, Pye gap α, as well as more than ten commercial expression vectors, skillfully use a variety of expression host bacteria, and customize protein immunogen according to customer needs.

With efficient expression vector and high-density cell culture scheme, it can comprehensively improve the expression success rate and save costs for customers.

service process and delivery content

service procedures specification timeline price
Recombinant protein antigen production HEK293 / CHO Transient Expression Service
Baculovirus-Insect Cell Protein Expression Service
E.coli Protein Expression Service
Stable Cell Line Development Service (HEK293 / CHO)
polypeptide antigen production Peptide design
Peptide synthesis
Peptide conjugation
4-6 weeks

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