ChIP is a powerful tool for studying the interaction between proteins and DNA in vivo. It can be used not only to detect the dynamic interaction between trans-factors and DNA in vivo, but also to study the covalent modification of histones and the relationship between transcription factors and gene expression.

The principle of chromatin immunoprecipitation technology is: in physiological state, DNA and protein are crosslinked together, chromatin is cut into small fragments by ultrasound or enzymatic treatment, and DNA fragments combined with target protein are precipitated by specific recognition reaction of antigen and antibody. Chromatin immunoprecipitation technology generally includes cell immobilization, chromatin breakage, chromatin immunoprecipitation, reversal of cross-linking reaction, purification and identification of DNA.


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Sample Requirements

1.Background information on target genes or transcription factors.

2.Detection of specific antibodies by ChIP(or provided by us).

3.Cells: The number of cells was more than 5 x 106. After 1% formaldehyde fixed cells, PBS cleaned the cells three times, centrifuged to collect cell precipitation, liquid nitrogen quick freezing, stored at - 80 C, and transported by dry ice.
Tissue: Animals are not less than 400 mg, plants are not less than 2 g. After in vitro, tissue samples are quickly and cryopreserved at - 80 C for dry ice transportation.

Service Needs

1.If there are commercialized antibodies against the corresponding proteins, it is better to verify by ChIP. Otherwise, we can not confirm the reliability of the experimental results. The commercialized antibodies need to be purchased by customers or commissioned by Zhongding Biology. If new proteins need to be introduced into retransfected cells, the client is required to provide expression vectors and corresponding host cells.

2.We usually use recombinant protein antibody or anti-RNA polymerase II antibody as positive control, and IgG of the same species as ChIP antibody as negative control. If other antibodies are needed as control, customers should provide them.

3.We provide complete experimental reports, representative photos, sequencing results and other raw data. Because of the particularity of ChIP experiment, we do not promise that the experimental results will be consistent with customer expectations.

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