In order to meet the urgent needs of customers for monoclonal antibodies, Zoonbio's rapid monoclonal antibody preparation service can complete the preparation process within 60 days. Through antigen design software and nano-antigen preparation technology, we ensure to provide customers with two positive clones and high affinity antibody products. We guarantee that the rapid monoclonal antibody preparation service can provide customers with high quality hybridoma cells within 60 days. For protein antigen monoclonal antibody service, we also promise that immunogen WB test is positive.

Short preparation period: from the start of immunization to the delivery of purified antibodies, the fastest time is only 59 days.
Technical innovation: Unique immune technology is the core technology for rapid preparation of antibodies.
100% success rate: ensure that at least one positive cell line can be provided, and at most five positive cell lines can be provided.
Value Assurance: The antibody titer expressed by the cell strain promising final delivery is higher than 1:100000.

service process

service process  

delivery product standards          
· residual immunogen protein          
· 1-5 positive cell lines          
· 1-3mg antibody, ELISA titer > 1:100000          
Additional explanation:If the immunogenicity of some antigens is weak, we can not obtain positive cell lines within 59 days as stipulated in the contract, we will communicate with you in time, and turn the order into routine monoclonal antibody preparation service, and make preferential adjustments to the quotation.


case background:The mice were immunized with custom-made protein antigen X according to Zoonbio's original technology, and the final delivery was 3mg monoclonal antibody.

case      case
lymphocyte fusion with myeloma cells   detection of purified antibody titer

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