The emergence of genetic engineering antibodies has greatly promoted the development of antibody technology and the research and development of antibody drugs and diagnostic reagents. We have successfully established a human mouse chimeric antibody and human full-length antibody transformation system. Our system includes gene cloning, vector construction, expression screening, antibody preparation and affinity determination.

Depending on our advanced technology platform and professional technicians, we can transform your mouse-derived monoclonal antibody into human chimerism or your small molecule antibody into full-length chimerism. Using DNA recombination technology, we can insert the light and heavy chain variable region genes of mouse monoclonal antibody into the expression vector containing the constant region of human antibody and transform them into lactation. Animal cells expressed human-mouse chimeric antibodies, which reached about 70% humanization. The mutable region of the heterologous monoclonal antibody was completely preserved, and its affinity activity was maintained to the maximum extent, and the immunogenicity was reduced.

genetic engineering

technology roadmap

1.Variable region gene sequences of heavy and light chain were obtained by mass spectrometry/RT-PCR/RAC and other methods.

2.Variable region DNA sequences of heavy and light chains were obtained by gene synthesis/RACE/RT-PCR and subcloned into expression vectors containing constant region of human antibody. The accuracy of plasmid construction was verified by restriction enzyme digestion and sequencing.

3.The endotoxin-free plasmid was prepared and transfected instantaneously into Dhfr deficient CHO cell line. A small amount of antibody was purified and its specificity and affinity index SPR were detected.

4.The stable expression cell lines were obtained by customer confirmation, establishment of stable transformation system and pressure screening.

5.Optimizing the expression conditions, screening the cell lines with the highest expression efficiency under pressure, obtaining the cell lines expressing genetic engineering antibodies, and establishing stable cell lines

customer provides delivery standards delivery of results
1.The number of monoclonal hybridoma cell lines with murine antibodies to be modified is more than 108.

2.If the sequence of murine antibody variable region gene is unknown, Zoonbio organism should be entrusted with variable region sequencing service.

3.Recognition Target Antigen of Mouse Antibody to be Modified.

4.Mouse-derived antibodies to be modified.

5.Other specific details.
1.Detection of mouse-derived antibodies and antigens Elisa/Western.

2.Variable Region Gene Analysis and Sequencing Report.

3.Transient expression product 1 mg, purity more than 95%.

4.Antibody Recognition Antigen Specific ELISA or WB Detection Report.

5.Stable CHO cell line 1-2 reaching the agreed expression level.

6.ELISA/Western detection of antibody recognition antigen specificity.

7.ELISA detection of antibody expression and SPR detection of antibody affinity in cell lines.

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