Service Flow

antigen preparation animal immunity cell fusion cell supernatant pairing antibody purification antibody matching Detection
immunogenic analysis
antigen design
peptide synthesis or protein preparation
3-4 times of animal immunization
serum titer higher than 100,000
preparation of animal spleen cells
cell fusion
fusion cell screening
matching of supernatants of multiple monoclonal hybridoma cells BMP produces antibody
Protein A/G purification
ELISA detection of ligand sensitivity
Delivery criteria
1.Residual immunogen protein.
2.2-5 positive clonal cell lines (containing 1-2 pairs of ligand positive clonal cell lines), 2 frozen tubes per cell.
3.At least one pair of ligands, 1-3 mg for each antibody.

Supplementary Note
By entrusting Zhongding Biology to prepare immunogen and screening positive cell lines, we can provide cell culture supernatant for customers to verify the specificity and affinity index of cell lines.


Case Background

According to the sequence provided by the customer, the antigen protein X was recombined and expressed for the customer; the mice were immunized with protein X as antigen, and the ligand cell lines A and B were screened by matching the supernatant of fusion cell culture, then the antibodies A and B were purified, and the pairing sensitivity of A and B was detected by sandwich ELISA.

case case
detection of purity of antibodies A and B by SDS-PAGE
M: standard molecular weight of protein
Lane 1:antibody A
Lane 2:antibody B

Empirical Conclusion

The sensitivity of pairing detection of purified antibody A with labelled antibody B and purified antibody B with labelled antibody A can reach 0.97pg/ml.

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