Mycotoxin widely exists in grain and feed, which is a food safety problem that cannot be ignored in grain and oil production and animal husbandry. How to establish a rapid and accurate detection method and control mycotoxin as soon as possible has become the demand of every enterprise.

Mycotoxin     Mycotoxin     Mycotoxin

Detection Range:

Cereals (corn, wheat, oats, barley, sorghum), high moisture corn, silage and bran, feed, nuts (hazelnuts, pistachios, peanuts, almonds), dried fruits (raisins, figs), DDGS, cottonseed, soybeans, soybean meal, raw milk, milk powder, cheese, yoghurt, and feed.

Detection index

index detection time detection limit Specificity inquiry
component cross reflection rate%
T2 Toxin 20 minutes grain and feed: 0.025 ppm T2 Toxin 100 inquiry
HT2 Toxin 72
Fumonisin 20 minutes grain and feed: 0.75 ppm Fumonisin B1 100
Fumonisin B2 124±11
Fumonisin B3 100±10
Aflatoxin B1 15 minutes 1ppb Aflatoxin B1 100
Aflatoxin B2 5±1
Aflatoxin G1 19±1
Aflatoxin G2 <1
Aflatoxin M1 20 minutes Raw Milk:25 ng/l
Powdered Milk:250 ng/l
Aflatoxin M1 100
Ochratoxin 20 minutes/td> Grain:2 ppb
Wheat Bran:4 ppb
Vomit Toxin 20 minutes Corn, wheat, feed,DDGS:0.04 ppm
Hard wheat:0.12 ppm
Wheat bran and flour:0.24 ppm
3-acetyl group-DON >100
DON 100
3-glucosamine-DON 64±16
15-acetyl group-DON 2
fusarium nivalenol <4

Standard Curve Example

Standard Curve Example


Standard Curve Example


Standard Curve Example

T2 Toxin ELISA

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