Many scientific researchers are interested in substances that have reactivity but no immunogenicity when they exist independently. These substances are called hapten. The hapten has no immunogenicity until it binds to protein carrier or polymer. Small molecule compound antigen is the most typical hapten, such as some organic substances with molecular weight less than 4000, such as most polysaccharides, steroids, aliphatic amines, lipids, pharmaceutical intermediates, some drugs with small molecular weight, etc.

service description of small molecule antigen

We can provide small molecule antigens for the vast number of scientific research users, but also provide small molecule antigen coupling and detection services.
1.We can provide scientific research-level antibiotics, pesticides, food additives and other small molecular antigens, but not pure chemical synthesis services.
2.The binding of proteins to hapten is based on the condensation of free amino, carboxyl, phenol, mercapto, indole, imidazole, guanidine and other active groups. When providing small molecule antigens, customers should provide information on the physical and chemical properties of antigens, including molecular formulas, molecular structure diagrams, active groups and so on, so as to facilitate our technicians to confirm the feasibility of the experiment.

Our products

We have developed a series of small molecule and heavy metal compound antibodies. We have rich experience in small molecule coupling and immunization. We hope our technical services and products can bring convenience to you.

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