The preparation of monoclonal antibodies based on the host for mice and rabbits is one of Zoonbio services. Zoonbio provides comprehensive service packages for monoclonal antibody development at all levels of control. We can obtain more precise antigen targets by using the advantages of recombinant expressed antigen technology and advanced antigen site analysis software. To ensure the preparation of monoclonal antibodies with high specificity and affinity.

service process

service process  
       delivery schedule          
· residual immunogen protein          
· 2-5 positive clonal cell lines with 2 cryopreservation tubes per cell          
· 1-3mg antibody, ELISA titer > 1:100000          

Better Monoclonal antibody Production(BMP)

BMP is a method of producing monoclonal antibodies by suspension culture of hybridoma cells. There is no serum and no protein in the process of culture. Compared with the traditional ascites preparation technology, BMP antibody production has many advantages, such as high titer, high specificity, high stability and short cycle.

Higher specificity
Traditional ascites mice background IgG and animal-derived cell culture lgG can affect the specificity of antibodies. BMP production of antibodies can avoid the influence of IgG on antibodies, so that the obtained antibodies have higher specificity. BMP
Higher potency
The titer of the antibody produced by BMP is more than twice that of the traditional ascites. BMP
More stable
Compared with traditional ascites preparation technology, the quality of antibodies in the same batch is uneven due to individual differences among mice, and the stability of antibody batches produced by BMP is very high. BMP


case       case   case

serum titer of 10 BALB/C mice
immunized four times
  purified antibody Elisa reaction   detection of purified antibody titer

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