Zoonbio has a professional antibody preparation platform and a technical research and development team with more than ten years of antibody preparation experience. zoonbio provides one-stop solutions for your custom polyclonal antibody production, taking your project all the way from antigen design, peptide synthesis, and animal immunization, to antibody purification and QC with ELISA test. With the perfect quality control system, zoonbio can provide customers with high-cost, high sensitivity and high stability of polyclonal antibodies.

Antigen design

There is a common problem in the process of antibody preparation, that is, the specific reaction between the antibody produced by animal immunity and the immunogen, but the negative experimental results often appear when applied to Western Blot/IP/IHC/IF, which wastes precious time and money. This regret mainly comes from the unreasonable antigen design. According to the current level of antibody preparation technology, the best way is to improve the antigen specificity. We will design the best immunogenic antigen by analyzing the properties of antigen molecule to provide you with higher quality antibodies.

key points of protein antigen analysis:
•antigen index analysis
•exposure site analysis
•hydrophilic analysis
antigen design
design principles of peptide antigens:
•choosing the appropriate amount of amino acids
•preferential selection of N-terminal or C-terminal polypeptide sequences
•selection of areas with good immunogenicity and high exposure sites
antigen design

Animal Selection

Zoonbio has many animal breeding bases, including mice, rats, New Zealand white rabbits, Boer goats, Roman hens, rhesus monkeys and alpacas. Our professional breeding technology and high standard breeding environment can ensure the healthy state of the animals to be immunized and the smooth progress of the immunization process.

                macaque                    alpaca                    boer goat

It can be used to determine the immunogenicity of antibody drugs and biological macromolecular drugs, and produce positive antibodies in the process of establishing pharmacokinetic analysis methods.

The special structure of VHH single domain antibody based on Alpaca heavy chain antibody has gradually become a new force in the new generation of therapeutic biomedicine and clinical diagnostic reagents.
   boer Goat

LgG is produced by its large size. It is mainly used in the preparation of large-scale antibodies, especially in commercial and industrial applications.
                new zealand rabbit                    BALB/C mice                    Luo Man hen
new zealand rabbit

The most commonly used immunized animals produce lgG with moderate feeding cost and are most suitable for scientific research applications.
   BALB/C mice

The production of lgG has low feeding cost and is suitable for the preparation of a small number of antibodies and more for the preparation of monoclonal antibodies.
   Luo Man hen

The preparation of specific yolk antibody lgY has the advantages of high yield, high specificity, stable nature and high cost.The preparation of specific yolk antibody lgY has the advantages of high yield, high specificity, stable nature and high cost.

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