Development of colloidal gold

Colloidal gold technology can be used not only for the detection of antigen and antibody, but also for the detection of bioactive substances, hormones, hapten and other small molecular substances in vivo. It can be widely used in rapid diagnosis of animal diseases and rapid detection of veterinary drug residues.

development process


colloidal gold antibody conjgates The paired antibodies were labeled with colloidal gold at 40 nm by ELISA.
test paper card assembly The gold standard test strip is assembled on the lining board from top to bottom and then pasted with the pretreated absorbent board, detection pad, colloidal gold pad and sample pad. It is stored in vacuum drying state for reserve.
validation of gold label antibody X protein was sprayed on the test pad, gold label antibody was sprayed on the gold label binding pad, and the reactivity of gold label antibody was determined by running for 10 minutes.
sandwich antibody validation According to the test strip assembly step, the antibody spray point is on the test pad, and the gold label antibody spray point is on the colloidal gold bonding pad. The PBST solution of virus or N protein was dripped onto the sample pad and the sample was run for 10 minutes to determine the feasibility of sandwich according to the phenomenon of detection area.
sensitivity optimization To optimize the coated antibody, gold label antibody and buffer solution to determine the highest sensitivity of specific detection of virus.
accelerated stability test The performance of the kit was tested by 37 degree destructive test for 3 days and 7 days at 37 degree. At the same time, the samples are kept at 4 degrees for long-term detection. General test strips can be stored at 4 degrees for more than half a year.
production of small batches of products Production of 100 colloidal gold test strips for customer sample detection and determination.

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