Zoonbio's chicken yolk antibody preparation technology service can provide a variety of forms of services for scientific research users. It can provide chicken anti-serum service as well as delivery of egg yolk antibody. It can also purify egg yolk and serum according to customer requirements. The preparation of egg yolk antibody can deliver 5-10 eggs, the titer of egg yolk antibody is more than 1:20,000, and the titer of chicken serum is more than 1:100,000.

Zoonbio has experienced immunological technicians, standardized operation process, can provide users with low-cost, high-quality antibody products and technical services. At the same time, Zoonbio is good at the preparation of antibodies against small molecule antigens, and has unique core technology for the coupling of pesticides, small molecule compounds, heavy metal antigens and immunoassay.


being stimulated by external antigens, B cells in bursa of Fabricius differentiate into plasma cells, secreting specific antibodies into blood circulation. When blood flows through ovaries, specific antibodies accumulate gradually in egg cells and form yolk antibodies.

The structure of yolk antibody is IgY. Compared with mammalian IgG, IgY has similar structure and consists of two heavy and light chains with a molecular weight of about 180 KD. However, IgY has stronger heat resistance, acid resistance, ionic strength and a certain degree of resistance to enzymatic degradation.

Chicken Anti-Yolk Antibody Service Project

Immunization of two Roman chickens during laying period requires antigen concentration not less than 0.5 mg/ml, purity more than 85%, and protein content not less than 3 mg if customers provide antigen. Serum titers were tested 7 days after immunization and eggs were collected. Normally, 15 to 20 eggs were collected for reserve.

Purification of Yolk Antibody

A.yolk purification
(1)ammonium sulfate precipitation method
(2)antigen affinity purification

B.serum purification
(1)ammonium sulfate precipitation method
(2)antigen affinity purification

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