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【Product Name】

Colloidal Gold Test Card for Nucleic Acid Products

test card

【Detection Principle】

The complexed analyte, labeled with FITC and biotin, binds first to the gold-labeled FITC-specific antibodies in the sample application area of the dipstick. By capillarity the gold complexes diffuse over the membrane. Only the analyte captured gold particles will bound when they overflow the immobilized biotinligand molecules at the test band and generate there a red-blue band over the time. Not-captured gold particles flow over the control band and will be fixed there by species-specific antibodies. With increasing incubation time, the formation of an intensely colored control band appears.

【Main Components】

PVC floor、nitrocellulose membrane、 glass fiber and filter block.

【Term of Validity】

Valid for 6 months.

【Instructions for use】

● All reagents should be stored at 2 – 8° C in their original containers.

● Before use, bring all reagents to room temperature (18 – 28° C).

● The expiration date of all components must be observed.

● Protect dipsticks from humidity; Container must always be closed.

● Touch and label only the foil- covered areas of the dipsticks (labeling area).

● The disposal of waste materials must be carried out according to current local regulations.

● The assay buffer contains an anti-microbial reagent; therefore avoid contact with skin and/or mucous membranes.

● This product is only for scientific research.

【Test Method】

1.Take the supernatant of the substance to be tested for testing, dilute the sample with ultrapure water, and the dilution ratio is determined according to the concentration of the target substance;

2.Take out the test strip and put it on the horizontal desktop (use it as soon as possible), taking care not to touch the NC film.

3.Use a pipette or burette to take 80ul of the sample to be tested and slowly add it to the sample hole of the test strip one by one, as shown in Figure 1. Read the result in 7-10 minutes.

test result

【Interpretation of Results】

Phenomenon Result
Test band and control band are clearly formed red bands.
1.1 Weakly stained test bands have to be regarded as positive also.
1.2 Positive results may be visible during 1-2 minutes.
1.3 In case of very high concentrations of hybridization product, control band’s intensitiy may be affected.
      Nevertheless, the control band should be still visible clearly.
2. Only control band is visible as red line. negative

【Analysis of Common Problems】

Problem Possible causes Recommendation
Control band is not visible. ① Wrong or destroyed assay buffer.
② Expiration date of dipsticks is exceeded.
③ Wrong storage conditions of dipstick.
Apply new (fresh) chemicals.
Negative result with dipstick but clearly visible band in agarose gel. ① Detection of an unspecific PCR product in agarose gel.
② Hybridization was not successful.
① Check identity of PCR product by Southern blotting oder sequence analysis.
② Check conditions of hybridization.
Mineral oil ① Mineral oil affects flow characteristics of the assay.
② Development of test band might be hampered.
Remove PCR product very slowly from the bottom of the reaction vial.

● This strip is suitable for scientific research, and its data is not used as clinical diagnosis basis.

● Our company can customize the personalized test strip according to the needs of customers.

● Notes on development of colloidal gold test strip.

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