Gene synthesis is different from oligonucleotide synthesis. Oligonucleotides are single-stranded. The maximum length of oligonucleotides synthesized is only about 100 nt, whereas gene synthesis is double-stranded DNA molecules synthesized with a length of 10 KB or longer. Especially in the following situations: (Genes that can not be obtained from nature by conventional experimental means, or research) Researchers design gene sequences by their own will, or optimize the rearrangement of a large number of codons of known gene sequences, in order to achieve efficient expression of the gene or obtain new biological characteristics, they must meet the needs of research through the whole gene and synthesis.

Zoonbio's gene synthesis team can provide high-quality and low-cost gene synthesis technology services for users, especially for the needs of gene synthesis for protein expression in the later stage. Zoonbio's technical service team can provide technical support such as protein analysis, codon optimization, subcloning design and so on, which greatly improves the success rate of later experiments.

Gene length price cycle (working day)
within 200 bp inquiry 7
200bp-1000bp 10
1000bp-2000bp 15
more than 2000 bp 15
For complex genes, the price is different, and the delivery time will vary. The synthesized genes can be cloned into vectors or into expression vectors or shuttle vectors according to the needs of customers. According to the difficulty of subcloning, they are free or charged appropriate subcloning fees.

Gene shipping list

1.Single report on gene synthesis.
2.One plasmid (not less than 1ug) containing the target gene.
3.A strain containing the target gene.
4.A Sequencing Map of Gene Synthesis

Our Advantages

Rich Experience

The longest synthetic gene has reached more than 10KB, providing tens of thousands of gene synthesis services worldwide, and has rich experience in gene synthesis of complex genes, such as repeat sequences, high GC, hairpins and other genes rich in special structures.


We sequenced 3730 sequencers and provided color maps to ensure 100% accuracy of the synthesized gene sequences.

High Cost Performance Ratio

Compared with the same standard gene synthesis service, the price is low, and free gene design services include enzymatic digestion site design, codon optimization and cloning scheme development.

Strict Confidentiality

The company is committed to non-proliferation, non-use, non-development of the synthesized genes, faithful and trustworthy, to ensure your genetic safety, to ensure your intellectual property rights and other related rights and interests.

service flow

1.Provide the gene sequence you need to synthesize.
2.Professionals analyze the feasibility of the sequence you provide, optimize the sequence and design the gene synthesis program according to the later experimental purposes.
3.Design primers, start synthesis, and finally sequencing to verify the accuracy of the sequence.

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