It provides the service of constructing the cDNA Library Based on SMART method. The vector used is pDNR-LIB. When connecting and cloning the fragments, the length of the fragments was screened, and the short fragments below 400 bp were basically removed, which ensured the cloning efficiency of the longer fragments.

library quality standard:Storage capacity (> 1.0 *106) and average insertion length (> 1.0 kb) of common samples.

service requirements

Please provide fresh and as much material as possible.
1.If the experimental material is animal tissue material, the sample quality should be more than 5g.
2.If the experimental material is plant sample, the sample quality should be more than 20g.
3.If the experimental materials are all kinds of cultured cells, please provide more than 5 x 107 cultured cells.
4.You can also provide Total RNA directly to us, but to ensure that RNA is not degraded, it needs to be judged by electrophoresis and other methods. Its purity requires A260/A280 (> 1.8), and the total amount of samples needs to be more than 500 ug.

experimental process

1.Total RNA extraction
2.Purification of mRNA
3.First chain of reverse transcription synthetic cDNA.
4.Amplification and synthesis of double-stranded DNA by PCR.
5.Separation of double-stranded cDNA by stages and removal of small fragments of DNA.
6.Digestion and ligation of double-stranded DNA.

Cycle and Price

The specific price should be consulted by technicians. According to the difficulty of the experiment, the period of the experiment is usually 4-8 weeks.


1.Report on the experimental process.
2.Connection product of cDNA and vector (20 ugl).
3.QC Report.

service description

Please contact us about the specific content and requirements of the experiment. If you provide us with Total RNA samples, we first need to test the quality and purity of RNA. In the course of the experiment, we will communicate with you at any time what happened, so that both sides can negotiate and solve the problem.

We can provide additional services for the constructed library, such as clone protection, PCR amplification, large quantities of sequencing, and so on. The experimental costs need to be added.

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