The experimental method of cutting down or amplifying target DNA fragments by restriction endonuclease or PCR and cloning them into other vectors is called subcloning operation, which is an indispensable experimental method in molecular biology experiments. With the increase of subclonal fragment size, the difficulty of subcloning increases correspondingly. It is more and more difficult to use the method of digestion and enzymatic ligation. With the continuous progress of genetic engineering technology, there are corresponding products on the market, which can be cloned by homologous recombination without the help of restriction sites, greatly improving the experimental ability of the subcloning operation of PCR.

service requirements

1.Source plasmids will be sequenced to ensure the true consistency with the original sequence you provided. If the customer has already sequenced and verified, please provide the sequencing peak map file.

2.Without involving the privacy of the research topic, please provide the plasmid map and target vector map to be cloned as far as possible, so as to facilitate our design of the experimental scheme.

3.Please provide restriction site requirements for the target sequence.

Service Items

less than 1000bp 1000-1500bp 1500-2000bp 2000-3000bp more than 3000bp
inquiry inquiry inquiry inquiry inquiry

service description

1.In the experiment of TA cloning of PCR products, the greater the PCR fragments, the more difficult TA cloning is. At the same time, some customers require full-length sequencing, we will charge according to the actual cost of sequencing and walking primers.

2.In TA cloning experiment, if there are special requirements for the vector, please inform the customer service personnel before the experiment.

delivery of results

1.A single QC Report and enzyme digestion validation.

2.Plasmids containing target genes(no less than 4ug).

3.Strains containing target genes(TOP10 or DH5a).

4.Sequencing color maps.

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