Plasmid DNA plasmid is an extrachromosomal stable genetic factor, ranging in size from 1 to 200 kb. It is a double-stranded, closed-loop DNA molecule and exists in the host cell in a superhelix state. Plasmid, as the smallest genetic unit in lower organisms, has many advantages, such as small molecular weight, rapid replication and so on. It is an indispensable tool carrier in molecular biology experiments.

Our company can provide a variety of plasmid DNA extraction services according to customer needs. The prepared plasmid DNA has no RNA contamination, endotoxin can be less than 50EU/mg, protein is less than 3ug/mg plasmid DNA, genomic DNA is less than 10ng/mg plasmid DNA, OD260/OD280 is between 1.85-1.90, and the proportion of superhelix is more than 90% to meet your different experimental needs.

service list

plasmid extraction level extraction volume cycle (working day) price
conventional plasmid extraction

Plasmids can be used for routine experiments such as PCR amplification, sequencing, restriction enzyme digestion and transformation.
50ug 5 inquiry
100ug 7
200ug 7
500ug 8
1mg 10
high plasmid extraction

Removal of most endotoxin contamination in plasmid DNA can be directly applied to molecular biological experiments such as eukaryotic transfection and in vitro expression.
50ug 7
100ug 7
200ug 7
500ug 10
1mg 15
preparation of endotoxin-free plasmid

Endotoxin can be less than 50EU/mg, which is suitable for high-requirement validation experiments.
50ug 10
100ug 10
200ug 10
500ug 10
1mg 15

service description

1.Please provide at least 100 ng non-polluting plasmid samples. Without involving the privacy of the research project, please provide as much information as possible about the plasmid, including copy number, plasmid size, resistance and so on.

2.We provide routine antibiotics such as ampicillin, kanamycin and chloramphenicol antibiotics. When using other antibiotics, we need you to provide antibiotics and the use of antibiotics.

3.We use professional kits to extract plasmids or remove endotoxins, and will no longer identify endotoxin content for the extracted plasmids. If you need to identify plasmids, such as restriction enzyme digestion, PCR or sequencing, please contact our technical support staff for additional notes in the order.

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