According to the methods of hybridization or construction of DNA library, or literature support, we can obtain a known sequence of the gene. In order to obtain the full length of the gene, we can use 3'-RACE method to obtain the 3'-terminal sequence of the gene, or 5'-RACE method to obtain the 5'-terminal sequence of the gene.

service requirements

Please provide fresh and as much material as possible.
1.If the experimental material is animal tissue material, the sample quality should be more than 5g.
2.If the experimental material is plant sample, the sample quality should be more than 20g.
3.If the experimental materials are all kinds of cultured cells, please provide more than 5 x 107 cultured cells.
4.You can also provide Total RNA directly to us, but to ensure that RNA is not degraded, it needs to be judged by electrophoresis and other methods. Its purity requires A260/A280 (> 1.8), and the total amount of samples needs to be more than 500 ug.

experimental process

service items basic cost (less than 500 bp) excess part cycle
3'RACE technical services inquiry inquiry 1-3 months
3'RACE technical services inquiry inquiry 1-3 months
known sequence verification inquiry 1-2 weeks

The above fee standard is for normal genes. For samples with lower gene content than normal, we will use special methods. Please communicate and negotiate with technicians.

service description

1.If your sample is prokaryotic, we can't guarantee the full length of the sequence at 3'or 5'.

2.Because of the individual and tissue differences in RNA, there may be a set of peaks in the sequence of PCR products. In this case, we will provide the sequencing results of two clones, which will be confirmed by the customer.

Customer Provision

1.Please provide the target gene sequence at least 200 bp, or the GenBank number of similar species. If the known sequence is relatively short, it is recommended that 3'RACE be carried out first and 5'RACE be carried out to ensure the success rate of the experiment.

2.Fresh enough cells or tissues, liquid nitrogen or dry ice are transported to Zhongding Biology at low temperature. The experimental samples are not returned. Please keep a backup.

3.If there are relevant literature or reference data, please provide them to facilitate the smooth experiment.

Provide results

Report:Contains photographs of PCR products, sequencing color maps, sequence base reports, PCR products or plasmids, and glycerol bacteria.

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