RNA synthesis is the same as DNA synthesis, but compared with DNA chemical synthesis, RNA chemical synthesis is more difficult, because the coupling efficiency between bases is low, products are easy to decompose, and RNA synthesis costs are very high, so the price of RNA synthesis is higher than that of DNA.

Zoonbio can provide customers with high-quality, economical customized RNA synthesis services, flexible and diverse synthesis specifications, which can meet the diverse needs of the vast number of scientific researchers. Services include single-stranded RNA synthesis, double-stranded RNA synthesis, RNA modification and labeling, siRNA, microRNA and so on. We strictly adhere to the quality management system and quality standards of the enterprise for RNA label synthesis service. All RNA products adopt the optimized solid-phase synthesis process and high performance liquid chromatography purification process, and pass the standardized QC detection and release to ensure the high stability of product quality.

RNA instrument RNA instrument RNA instrument
RNA instrument RNA instrument RNA instrument

Our Advantages


ISO 9001 certification, providing MS detection technology

rich experience

20 years quality assurance, leading primer synthesis expert team in China.

Purification Assurance

Purification by HPLC,the purity of the product was more than 99%.

Order Tracking

Real-time tracking of order information.Hand-held order progress.

service list

RNA synthesis service list
service items cycle (working day) purification method delivery criteria
RNA synthesis and labeling 7-10 HPLC RNA freeze-dried powder
COA document
Detection Report (MS/HPLC)
Synthesis and Modification of siRNA 7-10 HPLC
miRNA 7-10 HPLC
Methylation 7-10 HPLC

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