In addition to whole gene synthesis, researchers can obtain target genes by various methods, such as RT-PCR retrotransposition, genomic DNA direct PCR, ORF library and so on. In fact, the obtained gene sequence may not be the final sequence required, or Perhaps in some places some of the bases do not meet your experimental requirements. For example, there are some redundant bases, or some of them are lost, or some of them have mutations. In order to get the final sequence that meets the requirement, it is necessary to modify the sequence at a specific location. In addition, site-directed mutagenesis is indispensable in order to study the effects of changes in the biological properties of certain bases or amino acids.

service requirements

1.We will verify the sequence of the plasmids that need mutation to ensure the true consistency with the original sequence provided by you. If the customer has completed the sequence, please provide the sequence peak map file.

2.Without involving the privacy of the research topic, please try to provide the plasmid map to be mutated, so that we can design the experimental scheme of site-directed mutation.

Service Items

gene length/mutation points 1 mutation point 2 mutation point 3 mutation point more than 3 point mutations
less than 2000 bpP inquiry inquiry inquiry inquiry
more than 2000 bp inquiry inquiry inquiry inquiry

service description

From the operational level of repair mutation, two mutations within 10 adjacent bases can be completed in one repair experiment. Therefore, only one repair fee is charged. Customers need to provide information about the plasmid or bacterial solution containing the target gene, the sequencing map of the original plasmid, the sequence after mutation and vector information.

delivery of results

1.A QC Report

2.plasmid containing target gene (no less than 4ug)

3.strain containing mutation

4.sequencing picture of plasmid after mutation

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