Protein is the material basis of life. The amino acid sequence, spatial structure and modification groups of proteins determine the diverse functions of proteins. The study of the structure, properties and functions of proteins is the core issue of life science. To understand proteins, we should start with understanding the properties of proteins. In addition to using analysis software to predict various parameters of proteins, we can also analyze the isoelectric point, molecular weight, primary structure and secondary structure of proteins by instruments and equipment. After comprehensive analysis of proteins, we can further infer the function and mechanism of proteins.

Zoonbio can provide protein N/C terminal sequencing, molecular weight determination, peptide fingerprint mass spectrometry and other detection services, providing comprehensive and reliable technical support for your protein research.

Service Items

service items service description cycle
N-terminal sequence determination of N-terminal sequence of protein bydegradation method 1-2 weeks
C-terminal sequencing enzymolysis tandem mass spectrometry 1-2 weeks
primary structural analysis of proteins protein sequencing 1-2 weeks
Protein disulfide bond localization disulfide bond localization 1-2 weeks
protein molecular weight mass spectrometry MS determination of protein molecular weight 1-2 weeks
identification of protein purity by high performance liquid chromatography analysis purity by HPLC 1-2 weeks
isoelectric point analysis of protein isoelectric point determination of protein 1-2 weeks
circular dichroism analysis circular dichroism instrument 1-2 weeks
peptide fingerprint mass spectrometry determination of molecular weight of peptide fragment after enzymatic hydrolysis 1-2 weeks
amino acid composition analysis determination of amino acids concentration in solution by hydrolysis 1-2 weeks
isozymogram analysis according to sample quantity description 1-2 weeks

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