DNA Pull Down is the main tool for studying the interaction between DNA and protein in vitro. DNA was labeled with biotin. DNA was fixed to magnetic beads by non-covalent binding of biotin and Streptomyces affinity. When protein and DNA were combined, DNA-protein complexes were formed. The complexes were eluted from magnetic beads. The DNA-binding proteins were detected by Western Blot validation and mass spectrometry.

experimental principle

experimental principle  

Service Items

service items service content initial material delivery of materials
DNA Pull-Down Probe preparation
nucleoprotein extraction
DNA Pull-Down
Western Blot
gene information (species, sequence or ID)
cell sample
protein information to be tested
detection of antibodies
experimental report of WB test results
RNA Pull-Down MS Probe preparation
nucleoprotein extraction
mass spectrometry detection
gene information (species, sequence or ID)
cell sample
experimental Report on Mass Spectrometric Detection Results

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2.nucleoprotein extraction by probe preparation
3.Pull Down experiment
4.Western Blot or mass spectrometry identification of products of products
6.after-sale service

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