The interaction between RNA and protein is one of the decisive factors for the realization of cellular physiological processes, which determines the maturation, transport, localization and translation of RNA. RNA Pull-Down, as an important technology to study the interaction between RNA and protein, has become the focus of research. Zoonbio can provide you with RNA Pull-Down detection technology, using specific antibodies for detection, and equipped with mass spectrometer, which can more accurately detect the experimental results.

experimental principle

experimental principle  

RNA Pull-Down uses the characteristic principle of binding nucleotide fragments to transcription factors to label the target RNA in vitro. Through the non-covalent binding of biotin and Streptomyces affinity, the target RNA is fixed on the magnetic beads. When the protein binds to nucleic acid, the RNA-protein complex is formed and the complex is transferred from the magnetic beads. After elution, nucleic acid-binding proteins were detected by Western Blot validation and mass spectrometry.

Service Items

service items service content initial material delivery of materials
RNA Pull-Down RNA transcription in vitro
RNA Pull-Down
Western Blot
gene information (species, sequence or ID)
cell sample
protein information to be tested
detection of antibodies
experimental report of WB test results
RNA Pull-Down MS RNA transcription in vitro
RNA Pull-Down
mass spectrometry detection
gene information (species, sequence or ID)
cell sample
experimental Report on Mass Spectrometric Detection Results

service flow

1.sampling vitro transcription of RNA and preparation of biotin-labeled cell/nucleus lysate
3.Pull Down experiment
4.Western Blot or mass spectrometry identification of products of products
6.after-sale service

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