Adenovirus Expression

Adenovirus system is a very popular gene delivery platform that can be expressed in any mammalian cell in a high efficient and transient manner. For the cells that are difficult to be transfected, such as primary or non mitotic cells, it is very effective to use virus to deliver foreign genes. Zoonbio adopts 293A adenovirus packaging cell line (containing E1 gene sequence necessary for adenovirus packaging, which is specially established for adenovirus production and titer determination), it is used to produce replication deficient (E1 and E3 deletion) adenoviruses with high titer for expression of foreign genes.Adenovirus infects almost all cell types, except for some lymphoma cells that are resistant to adenovirus infection. Adenovirus is the best system to study gene expression of primary nonproliferative cells. It can directly compare the results of transformed cells with those of primary cells. Not integrated into chromosome, no insertion mutagenicity.Effective proliferation and high titer:Adenovirus system can produce 108 PFU / ml stock solution, which can reach 1010-1011 VP / ml after concentration, which makes it very suitable for gene therapy.


Our Advantages

1.Quality Assurance
If there is no special requirement, we will provide at least 1 ml virus stock solution containing 108pfu.

2.Safety Without Worry
The replication deficient adenovirus (E1 and E3 deletion, the second generation virus) can be obtained, which has higher biological safety.

3.Strong Stability
The obtained recombinant virus is very stable in the medium, and even repeated freezing and thawing will not lose its vitality.


1.Construction and purification of lentivirus vector containing target gene.
2.Construction of adenovirus expression clone containing foreign gene, digestion and purification of plasmid with Pacl to expose itrs
3.The adenovirus expression clone was transfected into 293A cells. Harvesting cells to prepare crude virus extract.
4.293A cells were infected with the crude extract to amplify the virus. Determine virus titer.
5.Adding virus supernatant to target cells.
6.Analysis of the expression of recombinant target protein.

service type

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Adenovirus Expression inquiry

Service description:

1.Customer supply:The plasmid containing the target gene (provide the sequencing map) or the name and sequence of the target gene to be expressed; the required virus titer and total amount, and whether the virus needs to be purified; if the expression of the foreign gene needs to be detected, please provide the corresponding antibody if necessary.

2.Deliver products:The recombinant adenovirus vector plasmid was provided, and the PCR identification results of the target gene were attached; the adenovirus storage solution with good titer and direct follow-up analysis was provided.

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