The principle of EMSA experiment is based on the specific binding of DNA-binding proteins to DNA. According to the need of the experiment, marker probes, non-marker probes, protein-specific antibodies and other reference materials are designed to conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis through changes in electrophoretic mobility.

The EMSA-electrophoretic mobility shift assay gel/electrophoretic mobility assay provided by Zoonbio is based on the specific binding of biotin labeled probes to corresponding DNA-binding proteins. A reasonable and scientific experimental scheme is designed to provide customers with verifiable EMSA, competitive EMSA and super-shift EMSA experimental services.

service process


customer supply

1.Some experiments can also use recombinant expressed proteins. According to the experimental design, each membrane can provide at least 50 UL with a concentration greater than 0.5 mg/ml.
2.If there is no probe sequence, please provide DNA binding protein information or related literature for Zoonbio to design probes.
3.The specific antibody of binding protein was more than 50 UL and the concentration was more than 0.5 mg/ml.

Our Advantages

one-stop service

Provide one-stop service from protein expression to EMSA to solve the problem that customers can not provide nuclear protein or purified transcription factors.

close service

Help customers design labeled probes, non-labeled probes, mutation probes, so that the experimental results are more rigorous.


The EMSA experimental scheme based on Dig probe method is provided to meet the experimental needs of some special customers.

sensitive system

The detection system is more sensitive and is an ideal choice for detecting low and medium abundance proteins in nucleus extracts.



super-shift EMSA case


competitive EMSA case


verifiable EMSA case

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