Luciferin reporter gene system is a reporting system which uses luciferin as a substrate to detect the activity of firefly luciferase. Luciferin can catalyze the oxidation of luciferin to oxyluciferin. Bioluminescence occurs during the oxidation of luciferin. Luciferin can be measured by fluorescence analyzer. Luciferin is often used in the regulation of promoter transcriptional activity and the verification of target genes of microRNAs.

Zoonbio provides luciferase reporter gene detection services, specializing in outsourcing services for the whole project. It has cooperated with customers for many times to complete all the work from experiment design to paper publication, and has rich practical experience.

service process


customer supply

1.Promoter transcriptional activity regulation: Provide transcription factor name and ID, target gene name and ID.
2.MicroRNAs target gene validation: Provide the name, species information, target gene name and ID of microRNAs.
3.Experimental cells, if no special requirements, Zoonbio defaults to 293T cells.
4.Gene templates or constructed transcription factor expression vectors can be provided.

Our Advantages

one-stop service

Improving customer experience is our unremitting pursuit. The three-dimensional upstream and downstream experimental system saves your effort.

rich experience

Bioinformatics assists in the analysis of promoter regions, precise localization, and multidisciplinary experiments.

rich resources

Perfect carrier resource library and promoter resource library can provide convenient service for customers conveniently and quickly.

close service

It can provide an ideal testing system for dual luciferase reporter gene application, and reduce the influence of experimental variation factors on accuracy.

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