Lentivirus vector is based on HIV-1 (Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1) and developed from herpes virus VSVG capsid. It is a pseudovirus, as its pathogenic genes will be deleted and replaced by exogenous target genes. Lentiviruses have a wide spectrum of infections and can effectively infect divisive and non-divisive cells. Exogenous genes can be effectively integrated into host chromosomes by Lentiviruses, to achieve continuous expression. Thus, lentivirus has become an useful tool for introducing exogenous genes. Lentiviral systems have been widely used in various cell lines for gene knockin/knockout, overexpression, RNA interference, microRNA related researches and in vivo experiments.


Our Advantages

1.Quality Assurance
To ensure the correctness of the prepared virus particles carrying fragments, the total number of virus particles and the titer of virus particles meet the requirements.

2.Safety Without Worry

The key protein of the virus was removed and transformed into inactivation. After the virus was transduced and integrated into the cell, it no longer had the ability of packaging virus genome.

3.Strong Stability
Stable integration into the cell genome can be used to prepare a variety of cell lines with stable silencing of specific genes.


1.Construction, purification and extraction of lentivirus vector containing target gene.
2.293T cells were co transfected with lentivirus expression vector, pgag / pol, prev and pvsv-g.
3.Culture for 48-72h, collect culture supernatant.
4.Purification and concentration of virus.
5.Titer test and target gene test.
6.The prepared lentivirus solution was transduced into the target cells of the customers, the mixed stable cell lines were screened, and the expression of the target gene was detected.

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Lentivirus Expression inquiry
Lentivirus RNAi interference inquiry
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