Northern blot is a technique for detecting specific RNA. The principle is that RNA, which is separated by agarose gel electrophoresis, is transferred to the solid phase carrier by a certain method, and then hybridized with the labeled probe. The transcriptional expression can be quantitatively or qualitatively analyzed by hybridization results.

Since Northern Blot service platform opened to the outside world, Zoonbio's researchers have been exploring and innovating constantly. They have successively solved such technical problems as RNA extraction, sample processing, probe design and labeling. The experimental level has been greatly improved, and the success rate of the experiment has also tended to be stable.

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The full-length sequence or primer sequence of the target gene to be hybridized and other background information as detailed as possible.


genomic RNA extraction picture

case case case case
CHO cell RNA     insect RNA     Cell KJ RNA             rice RNA

case case
rhododendron RNA potato RNA

case case
pomegranate RNA human Leukocyte RNA

northern blot hybridization picture

case case case
detection of lgG gene expression in CHO cells detection of gene expression in cotton detection of gene expression in
liver tissue of mice

case case case
detection of gene expression in transgenic rice detection of viral gene expression in CHO cells detection of bacterial gene expression

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