Telomere is a complex formed by special DNA sequence and specific protein at the end of eukaryote chromosome. In the process of cell division, it can avoid the fusion and wrong degradation of chromosome end, so as to maintain the integrity and stability of chromosome structure. Telomere DNA is composed of a large number of simple tandem repeats, which are synthesized by telomerase. In the process of plant growth and development, there will be changes in length, repeat sequence and rearrangement, which are important indicators of different physiological stages of plants.

Telomere length is an important indicator of cell status. There are many methods to detect telomere length, among which Southern blot is the most commonly used method. Southern blot is easy to operate, low cost, and can directly reflect telomere length. Our Southern blot platform can provide you with efficient detection of plant telomere.

service process

plant telomere process

Service Advantages

1.More than 10 years of experimental experience, helping customers to complete dozens of species detection, such as Arabidopsis, fruit fly, soybean, chrysanthemum, sesame, etc.

2.Digoxigenin labeled probes are used to solve the problems of contamination, high signal noise and high background of traditional isotope and biotin probes.

3.From genomic DNA extraction, probe synthesis to hybridization experiment, a perfect hybridization map can be delivered in 15 working days.

service content

experiment item delivery materials cycle
genomic DNA extraction 1 week
A.genomic DNA extraction
B.restriction endonuclease digestion of genomic DNA
1.Electrophoretic map of genomic DNA
2.Detection map of genomic DNA by enzyme cut electrophoresis
Synthesis of digoxin labeled probes
C.Probe design
D.Probe synthesis
3.Electrophoretic map of probe
Southern blot
E.agarose gel electrophoresis transfer
4.experiment report 1-2 weeks

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