Real-time PCR technology not only realizes the leap from qualitative to quantitative PCR, but also has the characteristics of higher sensitivity, effective solution to the problem of PCR contamination and high automation compared with conventional PCR. It has become an internationally recognized standard method for nucleic acid molecular quantification.

At present, it has been widely used in gene expression research and clinical disease detection. Zoonbio can use SYBR-Green method or TaqMan method to detect DNA/RNA quantitatively by RealTime PCR.

Our Advantages

One-stop service

Improving customer experience is our unremitting pursuit. The three-dimensional upstream and downstream experimental system saves your effort.

Experience in primer design

Rich experience in primer design can be used to design primers with high specificity and high amplification efficiency according to different customer needs and RNA types.

High quality

Abundant experience in nucleic acid extraction and unique technology of polysaccharide polyphenol plant RNA extraction can extract high-quality nucleic acid to ensure the smooth development of the experiment.

Reliable data

Based on Roche LightCycler® 480II high throughput real-time PCR system (384 holes).


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corn sample muscle Samples of Rats rat lung samples

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peach blossom sample rice samples pig intestines sample

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hot pepper samples tobacco samples dendrobium sample

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amplification curve   dissolution curve                              

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