Baculovirus expression vector system,with its stable experimental system, high expression level and post-translational modification function, has been widely recognized as a powerful tool to express large-scale proteins. It can provide recombinant proteins with high activity and solve the difficulties of protein activity that can not be solved in other systems. In addition, Zoonbio will save you a lot of time and money by providing free gene optimization services, protein design and analysis services and expressing proposals.

Commercial carrier



          PPH strong promoter makes the expression more efficient
          and the expression of pUC prototype higher, which is conducive
          to high copy screening.


pFastBac Dual:

          It contains two promoters and can express two exogenous
          genes at the same time. One is controlled by polyhedrin
          (PH) promoter and the other is controlled by P10 promoter.
          It can be used to identify the interaction between the two proteins.


Optimization of expression conditions



M:marker    1:before optimization    2:after optimization    (low temperature+ZnAc)
Note: When the GST of the same sample is equal, the main band is obvious after optimization.

Identification of protein expression

                    M:marker    1:cell supernatant    2:cell lysis supernatant    
                3:cell supernatant(negative)    4:cell lysis supernatant(negative)

Purification and Validation of Protein Expression


      M:marker    1:purified protein

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