Lactococcus lactis is a homologous fermentation bacteria, which can realize the rapid transformation of lactose to lactic acid. Its functional characteristics, such as coccal carbon metabolism, extracellular protein hydrolysis system, antibiotic production, bacteriophage interaction and resistance, have been extensively studied, which has promoted the extensive application of Lactococcus in biotechnology.

The prokaryotic protein expression technology of Zoonbio is becoming more and more mature. In 2016, a Lactobacillus expression system based on NICE system induced by Nisin was introduced (the product patent belongs to the manufacturer Mobitec and the development of NIZO). On this basis, according to customer needs, we can provide a variety of expression schemes, including heat-induced expression, food-level expression and secretory expression. Make every effort to provide you with high purity, high activity of Lactobacillus protein expression services.

Commercial carrier

carrier carrier

Standard lactic acid expression carrier
Corresponding standard strain NZ9000

LacF gene as a food-grade screening marker
Corresponding strain NZ3000/NZ3900


plate map of lactobacillus transforming expressed plasmid


Identification of Positive Strains by PCR


M:DNA  Marker:  100.  250.  500.  750.  1000.  1500.  2000  bp
1-10:  clone  11:  positive control(plasmid)

Identification of protein expression

case M:protein marker
1:uninduced secretory supernatant
2:induced secretory supernatant
3:fragmentation of supernatant without induction
4:fragmentation supernatant after induction
case M:protein marker
1:uninduced fragmentation supernatant
2:induced crushing supernatant

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