Transient expression in mammalian cells is especially crucial when post-translational modifications and appropriate protein folding is desired for downstream applications. Combining our rich experience in both molecular biology and cell system engineering, Zoonbio has established as a trustworthy partner in transient expression systems.

Characteristic Carrier


CMV promoter + enhMLP expression enhancer, efficient startup motor to maximize cell expression potential,Orip binding protein, is conducive to improving production, V5 signal peptide from natriuretic peptide,correct editing can quickly transfer the target protein to extracellular,help supernatant expression.
Neomycin resistance can be used either as screening resistance or as a stable cell line screened by G418 (transient system without stable cell line screening markers). With its own PUC replicon, the plasmid can proliferate in high copy form in E. coli!


Optimization of expression conditions

optimization conditions:two transfection + accessories(Glucose、Peptone) + low temperature



              M:marker    1-2:before optimization    3-4:after optimization

1:before optimization    2:after optimization

Identification of protein expression

1:cell supernatant(negative)        
2:cell lysis supernatant(negative)        
3:cell supernatant(goose LH be ta subunit)        
4:cell lysis supernatant(goose LH beta subunit)        

Purification and Validation of Protein Expression


M:marker    1:purified protein        M:marker    1:purified protein

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