Mammalian stable cell line refers to a cell line that integrates foreign target genes into stable expression on chromosome and integrates into genomic DNA after transfection of eukaryotic cells with foreign genes. It can exist in cells for a long time and pass on to offspring with chromosome replication. It can stably express target genes.

Our Advantages

As Zoonbio's traditional advantage project, the stable cell line screening service has always maintained the top level in the industry, regardless of the technical standards or the hardware environment of cell culture.

1.Our technical direction focuses on the screening of stable cell lines with high expression, which can provide screening services for industrial and scientific users.

2.At present, we mainly provide screening services based on CHO cells and 293 cells. We can select stable cell line screening services based on G418/hygromycin/purinomycin screening system.

3.Based on customer requirements and budget, we can provide polyclonal stable cell lines and monoclonal stable cell lines respectively.

4.Strict delivery standards, 10 generations of stable sequencing, monoclonal batch culture, Mycoplasma detection, etc., to solve the worries of delivering stable cell line products.

5.At the same time, we also provide cell bank detection, virus inactivation/clearance verification and other safety evaluation services for biological products, docking with domestic and foreign regulations and requirements.


stability test

1.Cells with the same density were inoculated into 6-well plates every 48 hours. Sample counts were taken and inoculated according to the same density. Finally, ELISA or WB tests were performed to confirm the stability of the expression of the target protein.
2.Stability tests were carried out for 10 generations.

case case

batch culture of monoclonest

Cells of the same density were inoculated into shaking flasks and counted daily. ELISA was performed to confirm growth and expression curves. (3.0 x 10^5 cells/ml seeded in 125ml shaker flask to confirm the growth file and expression titer)


mycoplasma detection


hoechst staining


PCR method

building database

· According to the results of identification and freezing of all clones, the best clones were selected for freezing storage.

· Freezing medium:10% DMSO

· Freezing density:> 0.5 x 107 cells/vial

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