Transcriptome sequencing can effectively analyze the global gene expression level and in-depth analysis of the transcriptome. Compared with traditional methods, transcriptome sequencing can accurately detect low-abundance genes, find new transcripts and isomers, and assemble transcriptomes that have not been studied before.

Zoonbio provides you with complete transcriptome sequencing solutions, including experimental design, standardized experimental procedures, and professional bioinformatics analysis.

Service Items Service Description Service Cycle and Quotation
Gene Expression ProfileBased on HiSeq Platforminquiry
circRNA SequencingCyclic RNA Sequencing
lncRNA SequencingLong-chain non-coding RNA sequencing
Small RNA SequencinSmall RNA sequencing
Full-length Transcriptome SequencingThree Generations Sequencing Based on PacBio
Prokaryotic Transcriptome SequencingBased on HiSeq Platform
Eukaryotic Transcriptome SequencingMRNA sequencing