• Over 10 years' experience recombinant proteins production.
• One-stop service from gene to protein.
• Multiple protein expression systems: bacterial, yeast, baculovirus-insect and mammalian expression system.
• Abundant R & D ability with over 1000 new proteins per year and quick troubleshooting.
• Close to 100 bioreactors with various volumes ranging from 2 to 1000 L to meet high-throughput and large-scale production.

Six Systems

mammalian transient protein


Mammalian Transient Protein Expression Service

Transient transfection cells
High expression system of pMZ-X3
Selection of multisignal peptide

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baculovirus-Insect Cell Protein


Baculovirus-Insect Cell Protein Expression Service

Sf9/high5 cell line
Highly secretory expression scheme
Bimolecular co-expression

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E.coli protein


E.coli Protein Expression Service

Prokaryotic expression of AE host
Low Temperature Induction System of 11 Degree C
Supernatant soluble expression scheme

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L.Lactis protein


L.Lactis Protein Expression System

Nisin-induced Lactobacillus protein expression
Food-level expression
Controllable endogenous protease

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stable cell line


Stable Cell Line Development Service

GS/DHFR Pressure Screening Gene Expression System
10 Generation Stability Sequencing
Monoclonal Batch Culture and Mycoplasma Detection

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yeast protein


Yeast Protein Expression Service

Methanol-free induction system
Screening of high-copy strains
Secretory expression scheme

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virus inactivation


viral clearance validation service

Zoonbio has a second-level biological laboratory in Beijing, which is designed and managed strictly in accordance with GLP specifications.

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endotoxin removal related


endotoxin removal related

Summary of Endotoxin Removal Methods and Notices for Endotoxin Removal.

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endotoxin removal related


cell bank testing service

short detection period
method maturity
rich experience

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Protein Requirements

Tag Amount Purity Options Endotoxin Level Options
Small Tag(e.g. His, Flag)
Large Tag(e.g. GST, Fc)
• Bacterial Expression for 1~10mg
• Yeast Expression for 1~5mg
• Insect and Mammalian system
expression for 50ug~500ug
Large amount can be customized after expression test.
≤1.0 EU/μg
≤0.1 EU/μg

Service Process

1.Pre-project analyze protein sequence.

2.• Plasmid Prep  • Gene synthesis or Cloning  • Customer supply

3.Protein Expression Testing

4.• Protein Purification  • Tag Removal (optional)  QC & Delivery

What will you get from us?

• Expression Vector, Gene synthesis or Cloning by us.

• Purified protein, protein dissolved in buffer solution or in Freeze-dried powder.

• Certificate of Analysis, contains all test data for your customized vector and protein.

Service features

• We developed a low temperature-inducible expression plasmid pCznI by our self, which greatly enhances the solubility of proteins expressed by E. coli.

• We have successfully expressed membrane proteins, viral capsid proteins and proteins with a protein content of up to 250 kd.

• We have 20-1000L fermenters that can produce proteins on a large scale.

Service Details

Expression system Plasmid Prep Protein Expression Testing Timeline Deliverables
Bacterial Protein Expression • Customer supply(Please provide detail information of your plasmid)
• Gene synthesis and Codon optimization(optional)
• Sub cloning into appropriate expression vector
• Plasmid Prep and QC
• Plasmid transformed Escherichia coli
• Protein expression evaluation and optimization
• Protein expression using optimized conditions
• Protein Purification, tag removal (optional)
• QC & Delivery
2weeks (Does not contain Plasmid Prep) • Purified Protein in buffered solution with your specified purity / in Freeze-dried powder
• Expression Vector and optimized gene sequence report and QC data
• COA for purified protein
Yeast Protein Expression • Plasmid electrotransformating Pichia Pastoris
• Positive clone strain screening
• High copy strain screening (optional)
• Yeast induced expression optimization
• Protein expression using optimized conditions
• Protein Purification
• QC & Delivery
4-5weeks (Does not contain Plasmid Prep)
Insect Protein Expression • Recombinant Bacmid DNA Generating
• Recombinant Bacmid transfecting Insect Cells, expression conditions optimization
• P2 generation of Recombinant Baculovirus transfecting Insect Cells to express protein in optimized conditions
• Protein Purification
• QC & Delivery
4weeks (Does not contain Plasmid Prep)
Mammalian Protein ExpressionProtein • High purity endotoxin free plasmid extraction
• Plasmid transfection of mammalian cells
• Protein expression evaluation and optimization
• Protein expression using optimized conditions
• Protein Purification
• QC & Delivery
4weeks (Does not contain Plasmid Prep)