Customers benefit from the well-established Red/ET recombination technology in our laboratories. The applied recombineering technology allows for fast, flexible, reliable and nucleotide precise DNA modification at any position and thus, is appropriate for diverse applications.

Service classification

RNA Synthesis and Labeling Service

Zoonbio can provide customers with high-quality, economical customized RNA synthesis services, flexible and diverse synthesis specifications.

Gene Synthesis Services

Zoonbio's technical service team can provide technical support such as protein analysis, codon optimization, subcloning design and so on, which greatly improves the success rate of later experiments.

Genomic DNA/RNA Extraction and Purification Services

Zoonbio can extract genomic DNA and total RNA from a variety of materials.

Plasmid Extraction Service

Our company can provide a variety of plasmid DNA extraction services according to customer needs.

ORF cDNA Clones Service

Zoonbio provides the service of constructing the cDNA Library Based on SMART method. The vector used is pDNR-LIB.

RT-PCR Service

We can use genomic DNA or total RNA as template to obtain a gene in a region you need.

Site-directed Mutagenesis Service

Site-directed mutagenesis is indispensable in order to study the effects of changes in the biological properties of certain bases or amino acids.

TA Cloning and Sequencing Service

TA cloning can be directly cloned by blue-white screening without using primers containing restriction enzymes or adding joints or flat-end treatments to the amplified products of PCR.

PCR subcloning Service

We can clone by homologous recombination without restriction sites, which greatly improves the experimental ability of subcloning of PCR.

5'-RACE & 3'-RACE System for Rapid Amplification of cDNA Ends

The complete 3'or 5' terminal sequences of unknown genes were obtained, and the complete ORF open reading frame was found to realize the normal coding of genes.

Cas9 Service

CRISPR/Cas9 is an important tool for targeting gene-specific DNA modification in recent years. It has been used more and more widely.