Antibody production service is Zhongding's core service project. Our aim is to produce the highest quality antibodies for customers and provide the most comprehensive and real data.

We have China's top antibody service technology and professional R&D team, and have customized thousands of antibodies for customers.

Our Advantages

Varied expression platforms for antigen

Five antigen expression platforms including HEK293, CHO, E.coli, Yeast,and Insect cell can meet the needs of different types of antigen recombinant expression.

Various animal species for immnization

Mouse and rabbit.

Diversified antibody screening technologies

Solid-phase and liquid-phase antibody screening techniques can both be used to reduce the amount of coating antigen and increase antibody diversity.

Multiple antibody detection platforms

ELISA, WB, IHC, FACS, SEC-HPLC, Octet, endotoxin, mass spectrometry and other antibody detection platforms can be used for comprehensive assessment of antibody quality.

Various antibody purification methods

Protein A, protein G, protein L, size exclusion chromatography, ion exchange chromatography, antigen affinity purification and other purification methods will be done to improve antibody purity.

Hybridoma culture technology

Serum-free suspension culturing of hybridoma cells can be used, compared with ascites, the antibody will not include complex components and will avoid the serum influence on detection.

Service classification

Nano Antibody Production Service

We have established a breeding base for alpaca in Nanjing, China. We have more than 100 alpacas with healthy age, clear immune background, and paternity provenances, equipped with professional veterinarians and breeding facilities.

Recombinant Antibody Production Service

With rich experience in large-scale production of recombinant antibodies, it can provide rapid production services of recombinant antibodies ranging from milligram to kilogram level.

Custom Standard Monoclonal Antibody Services

We can obtain more precise antigen targets by using the advantages of recombinant expressed antigen technology and advanced antigen site analysis software. To ensure the preparation of monoclonal antibodies with high specificity and affinity.

Fast Monoclonal Antibody Service

Through antigen design software, as well as nano-antigen preparation technology, we ensure to provide customers with two positive clones and high affinity antibody products.

Custom Standard Polyclonal Antibody Service

Various host animals including mice, rats, rabbits, chickens, monkeys and goats are available.

Delivery completed in 42 days

Testing-Gold Development Services

Zoonbio has established a complete development process of colloidal gold strip, which can provide one-stop service, including the design of test strip, antibody preparation, colloidal gold labeling, card making, acceptance and packaging.

ELISA Testing and Kits Development Services

We adhere to the eight quality control principles of ELISA kit development and successfully develop highly sensitive, economical and practical disease detection kits for aquatic and animal disease detection users.

Western Blotting Service

1. > 200 hybridoma cultures and antibody production experience, success rate >99%
2.The scale of production ranges from milligrams to grams, meet the demands of different customers experiments.

Anti-drug Antibody Preparation Technology Service

Provide one-stop services, including antigen design, antibody preparation and high throughput antibody production.

Antibody Modification Technology Service

We provide antibody modification services to facilitate customer experimentation and other downstream applications.

Preparation and Coupling of Small Molecular Antigens

We can provide small molecule antigens for the vast number of scientific research users, but also provide small molecule antigen coupling and detection services.

Chromatin Immunoprecipitation(ChIP) Technology Service

We provide complete experimental reports, representative photos, sequencing results and other raw data.

IHC Testing Services

Immunohistochemistry,ordinary tissue section,paraffin anti-stripping section,frozen section,tissue embedding...

Chicken Egg Yolk (IgY) Antibodies Production Service

Zoonbio's chicken yolk antibody preparation technology service can provide a variety of forms of services for scientific research users.

Humanization of Antibodies Service

We can humanize mouse-derived monoclonal antibody, rabbit-derived monoclonal antibody and alpaca nano-antibody to ensure that the degree of humanization of antibody is more than 90%, and the affinity is higher than or equal to chimeric antibody.


Custom Matched Monoclonal Antibody Service

Zoonbio can customize matched antibodies according to customers'needs

Genetically Engineered Antibodies Customization Service

Our system includes gene cloning, vector construction, expression screening, antibody preparation and affinity determination.

Anti-idiotype Antibody Service

Anti-idiotype antibody development services produce anti-idiotype antibodies with 100% success rate for antibody drug PD/PK and immunogenicity studies.


Determination of Antibody Affinity Service

Affinity is an important index for evaluating the quality of antibodies, and it can guide the use of antibodies.

Antigen Preparation Service

We will design the antigen with the best immunogenicity by analyzing the properties of antigen molecules, so as to provide you with higher quality antibodies.

Mycotoxin Testing Service

Mycotoxin widely exists in grain and feed, which is a food safety problem that cannot be ignored in grain and oil production and animal husbandry.